We are an Independent Baptist Church 

Independent - Our church is independent of any other church. There is no church government we report to. We are not associated with other churches in any way.

  • Pastors and Churches we are friendly with do not need to believe as we do.

Baptist - We believe in the Baptist Distinctives. These are 7 beliefs that make us distinct from other Christian churches.
Baptist Distinctives:

– The Bible: The Bible is our foundation for all our beliefs and practices. No other book is greater than or equal to the Bible. No teaching of any man, (except Messiah Jesus) is greater than or equal to the Bible. No traditions of men are greater than or equal to the teachings of the Bible.

A – Autonomous Local Churches: We govern our own affairs. Our church will never be part of a convention. Our church will never join any group. The government of our church only extends to the membership of our church. There is no governing body over our church. The only ties we have to other churches are through friendship for the purpose of fellowship.

P – Priesthood of all Believers: All born again believers have direct access to God. No intermediary is necessary or beneficial in that relationship. No priest, guru or holy man is needed to get an audience with the Creator of the universe.

– Two Ordinances: Baptism and the Lords Supper

1) Baptism is the immersion of believers in water, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This represents the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; also expressing to the world the Christian’s death to sin and being raised into newness of life. It is an outward symbol of what takes place on the inside, as one trusts Christ as their Saviour. Baptism takes place only after salvation. (Romans 5:4; Matthew 28:19; Colossians 2:12; Titus 3:5). Baptism by immersion is a pre-requisite for church membership.

2) LORD’S SUPPER. The Lord’s Supper is taken when the members of the church meet together to commemorate the dying love of Christ by the use of unleavened bread and wine (grape juice). The Lord’s Supper should be preceded always by solemn self-examination. (I Cor. 11:23-30)

– Individual Sole Liberty: Every Christian is an individual who has the power to act as they choose. Every
Christian is responsible for their own actions in this life. They will be blessed by God or cursed by God based on their obedience or disobedience to His Word. Every Christian, when they die, will stand before God one day to explain their actions on their own. Our church and it’s leadership will not be a part of that process.  No one in our church is required to believe or act as our church or it’s leaders do. Every Christian is only required to believe and act as God dictates in the Bible.

– Separation of Church and State: The state is defined as any governing body on a local, county, state or federal level. The state has no authority over our church in the way we believe, and practice our faith.   We do not recognize the states authority to stop us or limit us in any way from reading, studying and preaching the Bible, praying, sharing our faith through evangelism, singing, tithing, ministering to the poor, the fatherless and the widows; marrying those in Gods covenant of marriage, burying our dead, baptizing believers, raising teaching and disciplining our children, supporting missionaries and carrying out any other tasks we are commanded to do that we read about in the Bible.

  •  Our church has no authority to run or be in charge of the state in any manner.
Ω  Christians are allowed to and encouraged to participate in the government.
Ω  Christians may run for and hold an office in the government.

– Two Offices: Our church only has two offices. One Pastor (bishop) and deacons.
  • These two offices are filled by men who must join the church as members.
  • No one who has been divorced my hold a position as pastor or deacon.
  • The pastor and all deacons are voted on by the membership of the church to fill the office.
  • Although these are the only two offices listed in the Bible in a new testament church, other positions can be created and people can be hired to fill these positions.
Ω  Positions will be filled by a hiring process the pastor will oversee.

S – Saved & Baptized Church Membership: Members that make up our church must be born again and baptized by immersion.
  •  To become a church member, one must be able to give a convincing salvation testimony and be baptized by immersion in a church of like faith and practice.